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What do our students say?

"This is a great course! If you want to move beyond strumming chords and progress as a musician, understand what you are playing, create your own arrangements and even write music, this course is for you. It's a thorough grounding in general music theory that you can apply to any instrument, plus how it's implemented specifically on the ukulele. I haven't seen anything else like it."



" Ukulele Fretboard Harmony is an excellent educational resource that is both comprehensive and surprisingly accessible. I have found the concise and organized videos do a very good job of breaking down complex
musical concepts. I've also been impressed by the scope of material that the course covers.

The focus is refreshingly on music theory for the sake of improving performance and appreciation of musical repertoire rather than theory for the sake of theory. There

 is something here for anyone hoping to bring
their musical knowledge and performance to the next level."



"Ukulele Fretboard Harmony takes a gentle approach to learning music theory (which is usually a scary concept for most people). The videos are divided into small concepts that build upon each other until all of a sudden you realize how much you've learned. Almost every ukulele player I've met talks about wanting to learn these concepts but have been put off by the usual music theory approach and confusing vocabulary. This course is different by offering small sections, frequent examples, and checkpoints that will provide a great benefit to all…Lifetime membership and being able to replay the videos can't be underestimated"